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A library for every Jewish community



Keren Hashluchim is establishing 360 Lending Libraries in honor of The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 120th Birthday.

Keren Hashluchim is establishing 360 Lending Libraries in honor of The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 120th Birthday.

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 Phase Two 


in over 100 countries

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Keren Hashluchim provides grants to establish 360 libraries in Chabad Houses worldwide that don’t already have a library. Shluchim can choose from three select library packages. Each library includes 240 curated titles covering a broad swath of interests for children, teens, young adults, women, and men.

Books and Seforim are all culled from leading publishers across the spectrum of Jewish learning and education, including, Kehos, Sichos-in-English, Or Hachassidus, Hachai, Artscroll, Koren, Feldheim, JLI, Meaningful Life Center, and many more. 


 Currently being built: 


Argentina, Brazil, Canada, COTE D'IVOIRE, Cyprus, France, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Ukraine, Unites Kingdom, United States, Zambia.

Ariel Chabad
Bais Menachem Yeshiva Day School
Beit Chabad De Belo Horizonte
Beit Jabad Bajo Belgrano
Beth Loubavitch 19eme Nord
Beth Loubavitch Le Plessis Robinson
Center For Jewish Life Arlington Belmont
Chabad At Indiana University
Chabad At Kent State
Chabad At Msu
Chabad At Oberlin College
Chabad At U Miami
Chabad Beer Ora - Chevel Eilot
Chabad Carmel Valley
Chabad Center For Jewish Life - Mountain Lakes, Boonton, Denville
Chabad Center Of Northwest New Jersey
Chabad Coastal Bend
Chabad Dtsj
Chabad Ellicott City
Chabad Frankfurt
Chabad Hampstead Garden Suburb
Chabad Israeli Center
Chabad Jewish Center
Chabad Jewish Center Of Longmont
Chabad Jewish Center Of Monroeville
Chabad Jewish Center Of North S Jose & Morgan Hill
Chabad Jewish Center Of Olympia
Chabad Jewish Center Of Petaluma
Chabad Jewish Center Of Royal Palm Beach
Chabad Jewish Center Of South Loop
Chabad Jewish Center Of Tamarac
Chabad Jewish Center Of The Big Island
Chabad Jewish Center Of Troy
Chabad Jewish Center_abington
Chabad Khmelnitsky
Chabad Learning Center Of Northern Nevada
Chabad Lubavitch Kyiv
Chabad Lubavitch Latvia
Chabad Lubavitch Of Chautauqua
Chabad Lubavitch Of Fairfield
Chabad Lubavitch Of Greater S Paul
Chabad Lubavitch Of Kaunas (Kovno)
Chabad Lubavitch Of North Dakota
Chabad Lubavitch Of Pinner
Chabad Lubavitch Of Southwest Broward

Chabad Lubavitch Of Southwest Florida
Chabad Lubavitch Of Springfield-burke Virginia
Chabad Lubavitch Of Trafford
Chabad Lubavitch Of Uwm Inc
Chabad Lubavitch Of Wyoming Inc.
Chabad Lubavitch Of Yorktown
Chabad Madison
Chabad Mercer Island
Chabad Montville
Chabad New Canaan Jewish Center
Chabad Northeast Portland
Chabad Northland
Chabad Nw Nj Western Region
Chabad Of Alameda
Chabad Of Altamonte Springs
Chabad Of Anne Arundel County
Chabad Of Atwater Village
Chabad Of Bangor
Chabad Of Bucktown
Chabad Of Cape Ann
Chabad Of Cape Coral
Chabad Of Carnegie Mellon University
Chabad Of Chula Vista
Chabad Of Clinton Hill And Pratt
Chabad Of Cluj Napoca Romania
Chabad Of Cobb
Chabad Of Corte Madera
Chabad Of Downtown Coral Gables
Chabad Of Doylestown
Chabad Of Eastern Orange County
Chabad Of Edinburgh
Chabad Of Erie County
Chabad Of Escondido
Chabad Of Frisco
Chabad Of Galloway & Stockton University
Chabad Of Gateway Cities
Chabad Of Great Neck
Chabad Of Greater Laurel
Chabad Of Greenfield
Chabad Of Greenpoint
Chabad Of Gresham
Chabad Of Islip Township Inc
Chabad Of Ivory Coast
Chabad Of Kentucky
Chabad Of Kirkland

Chabad Of Lake Havasu City
Chabad Of Limassol
Chabad Of Macalester-groveland
Chabad Of Malibu
Chabad Of Melrose
Chabad Of Milton Keynes
Chabad Of Modesto
Chabad Of Nashville Preschool
Chabad Of Ne Hollywood Dania
Chabad Of Nebraska
Chabad Of New Mexico
Chabad Of Newark
Chabad Of Nkrthwest Vermont
Chabad Of North Seattle
Chabad Of Notting Hill
Chabad Of Novato
Chabad Of Olney
Chabad Of Or Akiva Caesaria
Chabad Of Orange-woodbridge
Chabad Of Paso Robles
Chabad Of Peabody
Chabad Of Plattsburgh
Chabad Of Prescott Inc.
Chabad Of Queen Anne - Magnolia
Chabad Of Rego Park Corona Inc
Chabad Of River North And Fulton Market
Chabad Of Robbinsville And Hamilton
Chabad Of Scv
Chabad Of Shelton
Chabad Of South Baltimore And Umb
Chabad Of South Tampa
Chabad Of The Caldwells
Chabad Of The Diamond District
Chabad Of The East Bay
Chabad Of The Lower Laurentians
Chabad Of The Neighborhood
Chabad Of The South Shore Of Staten Island
Chabad Of Thousand Oaks
Chabad Of Ulster County
Chabad Of Vail Arizona
Chabad Of West Hempstead
Chabad Of Wichita
Chabad Of Wilmington
Chabad Of Yonkers
Chabad Of Zambia

Chabad On Call
Chabad On Campus At Fiu
Chabad On Campus Capetown
Chabad On Campus Of Queens
Chabad Poleg - Ir Yamim
Chabad Portland
Chabad Portola Valley & Woodside
Chabad Rgv
Chabad Rural Georgia
Chabad Russian Centere Of Thornhill Woods
Chabad Student Centre Of Kingston
Chabad Sucy
Chabad Sw Portland
Chabad West Bel Air
Chabad Young Jewish Professionals And Downtown Austin
Clifton Park Chabad
Congregation Judea Chabad
El Lazo Student Center
Ezrath Israel Chabad
Gardens Shul
Jewish Discovery Center
Jewish Learning Experience (Division Of Chabad Wall St)
Jewish Life Centre
Johannesburg Torah Institute
Juventud Jabad Olleros
La Maison Chabad
Lubavitch Of Yardley
Or Bamidbar Chabad - East Las Vegas
Rohr Center For Jewish Life - Chabad House
Santa Fe Jewish Center Chabad
Saratoga Chabad
Shul By The Shore
Skylake Chabad
Tech Tribe (Cyp)
The Chabad Chai Center
Town Of Oyster Bay Chabad
Ut Chabad House
Village Chabad - Chabad At Stony Brook
בית חב"ד אור ים
בית חב"ד נווה נוי
בית חב"ד עיר ימים אשקלון
בית חב"ד צפון גדרה
בית חב"ד קרית יערים(טלז סטון)
חב"ד בעליה
מקומות הקדושים, בית חב''ד בעיירה ליובאוויטש



מאת שיחת יום ה' פ' האזינו, וא"ו תשרי, ה'תשל"ג

הנה כשם שבכל מקום שדרים בנ"י צריך להיות רופא ואומן…מצוה שתהי' שם גם "ספרי “כפי שנקרא בלשון המדינה: "לייברערי", ובלשון הפשוט: מקום שבו ימצאו ספרי קודש, החל מהספרים ששייכים להפשוטים ביותר, ועד לספרים השייכים לאלו שאוחזים בדרגא נעלית בלימוד הנגלה ולימוד החסידות, וכל אחד ידע שביכלתו לבוא לשם כדי לעיין וללמוד (בספרי חסידות ועאכו"כ בספרי נגלה) על אתר, ומשם גם ישאילו ספרים לעתים תכופות…לכל הרוצה ליקח לביתו, כדי לקרוא וללמוד בזמן הנוח לו, "בשכבך ובקומך”.

In every place where Yidden dwell, it is a Mitzvah to establish Jewish libraries. It should be a place where Seforim of every level are found, both in Nigleh and Chassidus, and anyone who wants can borrow a Sefer to take home so they can read and learn “when they go to sleep” and when they arise in the morning.”


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in 25 more countries.

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